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Kath Dickson Family Centre

Serving, protecting and empowering families since 1975

serving, protecting and empowering families since 1975serving, protecting and empowering families since 1975

Family Support

At Kath Dickson Family Centre, we offer a range of opportunities for families to interact and enhance the development of their children.

Playgroups run weekly in Toowoomba and monthly at the Sunshine Coast for parents, carers and children to come together to learn and play.

The Community Toy Library in Toowoomba provides access to thousands of toys, puzzles and games to keep children engaged while easing the financial burden of continually replacing toys.

Staff who are accredited 'Triple P' trainers are available on request to support parents through the Positive Parenting Program.

We have a range of volunteering opportunities available, particularly for families who need to increase their 'activity test' hours for the Child Care Subsidy.

Want to know more?

Contact us online or give us a call on 1300 336 345